My excuses for slacking off last week

Last week,  I’d planned — in my head not on paper, to exercise at least four times. I exercised TWICE.:no: My excuses were as follows:

  • Had to take my mother to her doctor appointment,
  • Taking care of my mother’s various needs — most stemming from her visual impairment,
  • My e-zine — There were some problems with the html code on the new article pages that weren’t caught till the last minute,
  • Housework — everyday and laundry once per week,
  • Personal errands for myself and for my mom,
  • WORK — online and off,
  • Personal phone calls and “socializing”.

How do I intend to overcome these many obstacles?

I have no idea. Yet.

However, neither me nor my mother have doctor appointments more than twice a month, on average. I have an appointment — I’m planning to cancel — for this Wednesday.  I have another appointment with my most important doctor scheduled for next week, but that shouldn’t take too long. We’ll just be going over test results and discussing my recovery.

Of course, this could be done just as easily by phone, but they wouldn’t make any money from a phone call. Lol.

I need to get more rest and eat more than twice a day, so that I have more energy to get what needs to be done completed faster, leaving me more time to exercise. I slept very long and well both Saturday and Sunday night, without a sleep aid. And I exercised reasonably well on Sunday evening.

I did my old calisthenics & abdominal routine, and it was not as arduous as I expected it to be. I couldn’t do as many sets as before, but I did manage 2 sets of 20 on most of the moves! And when I finished I didn’t feel as exhausted as I usually do after exercise. So, I’m taking that as a sign of progress.

I’m planning to do the calisthenics & abs routine at least three times this week. I will walk twice this  week, if I have time, but the calisthenics & abs routine will take priority… At least till I have more energy and feel stronger.