Some progress made this week

Counting Sunday, I have exercised three times this week already. I did my Calisthenics & Abs routine twice, including yesterday for 40 minutes, and I walked Monday evening for half an hour.

I have been super sore, especially my abs, back and upper arms. I know it’s from Sunday’s exercises. And while I have some discomfort (more today than the days before), I also have a bit more energy, so I’m sure I’m on the right track. Hope fully, if I keep at it, the soreness will be gone in a couple weeks.

At present, I’m looking forward to seeing how much more exercise I can get in and successfully complete by this Sunday — March 6th. I am already ahead of where I was last week, which is very nice. I will use the amount of exercise I was able to complete this week to determine a (written) exercise schedule for the next two weeks.

I should also note that I have eaten more these last few days — at least three meals a day. I have felt hungrier this week and it must be the Calisthenics & Abs routine. Before I started doing it again, I had to remind myself to eat; now, my body reminds me. This was the case before I fell off the wagon.

Also, it is easier to fall asleep again. I’ve missed that almost as much as the rush of endorphins. And I had really missed the endorphins!

I want to reintroduce other exercise I’ve had difficulties with, especially step aerobics. Step aerobics  has been the hardest. I only tried it once — a few weeks ago, and after 14 minutes I felt extremely lightheaded, dizzy and even nauseous. So, it will probably be a while before I test those waters again.

I’m going to take my walk now. Will be sticking with 30 minutes, without a break, until it feels much easier. I’ll write another update, when I’ve decided on a firm exercise schedule.