My fitness goal and schedule for the next two weeks

I have decided that the best way to go about this is 2 days in a row, with one day off in between. It makes it easier for my muscles to recover from the exercises. 1st day will be Calisthenics & Abs routine, 2nd day will be walking. The day off will be used to catch up on any work I’m behind in due to exercise, or even for yoga practice.

I use the word “practice” because I don’t have enough core strength to hold a pose for a significant amount of time, but practicing until I do won’t  hurt.

Saturday, I did the Calisthenics & Abs routine in 40 minutes again, BUT I added back in the 2 sets of 20 lying leg circles I didn’t do the first 2 times I did the routine. I skipped it the first time, because I over looked it. I skipped it the 2nd time because I wanted to be able to finish again. I’m glad I added it back in. It is great for the thighs!

I am pleasantly surprised to find myself moving through the old routine faster after only completing it three times. I think returning to my old eating habits have helped. I now have more energy, which allows me to exercise more intensely, which makes me hungrier, which means I eat regularly. So exercise has definitely helped with my lack of appetite. For a while there, I almost never felt hungry. Maybe once a day I’d feel hungry and it was easy to ignore, because the feeling was so faint.

I now eat smaller, but still healthy, meals and it’s given me more than extra energy; my temperament has improved. I’m calmer and in better spirits. I’m beginning to feel like my old self again. (smile) And since I am now compelled by an intense hunger to eat, there is no more meal skipping. My body won’t let me get away with it.

Yesterday was my day off from exercise, and I took full advantage of it to rest my still aching muscles. Today I will do the Calisthenics & Abs routine again, leg circles included. I’m hoping my time improves, or at least stays the same. In either case, I’m just glad to be back on the right track.

My 2 week  goal: To reach a point where the Calisthenics routine “naturally” takes less than 35 minutes to complete. What I mean by naturally? I’m not rushing through the routine or even watching the clock.