No new exercise goal… For now

I was planning to set a new time goal, but realized that I would be better off concentrating on adding more sets and improving my form. There’s little point in doing calisthenics and ab workouts if I do them incorrectly or rush through. With some movements the slower you do them the better. “Bridge butt lifts” are a perfect example. Nothing keeps a high butt high like bridge butt lifts done slow and steady. :yes:

Here’s a video showing how it’s done:

I did the math and so far this month I have exercises a total of 428 minutes, and the month’s not over yet. Last month it was only 337 minutes. I can remember when I was exercising more than 900 minutes a month. (I’ve been tracking my exercises for more than two years now.) Maybe I should set a total minutes per month goal. But not until my foot is better; I don’t want to risk making things worse. And after Calisthenics & Abs I need a day to recover, because I work my whole body.

My only real goal at this point is to heal my foot and leg. Massaging nightly with my own aromatherapy concoction, you can find it here: Aromatherapy for Pain Relief, has helped a lot. It’s an all-natural and very healing remedy and I no longer wake up with a limp. :D

As far as exercise goals are concerned, I think I will wait until April 1st or 2nd to set a new goal. I’m sure I’ll be walking for health again by then. I plan to walk next weekend, maybe in the great outdoors, now that the snow and ice are gone. I’ve found that there’s less stress on my joints when I walk outdoors, even when I walk for more than an hour. Maybe because it’s less intense and more leisurely.

I hope the swelling in my foot doesn’t return once it’s gone. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.