I’m walking again

I have been really busy with work, the ezine, and life but I have been walking the entire month of June. :D Almost every week day. No more than one hour, but usually 30 to 40 minutes each session.

I prefer walking outdoors, on days when the sky is overcast, but my sun hat keeps me comfortable on sunnier days. It’s been fun! It’s getting hotter, so I will probably be moving 100% of my walks indoors. But while the mild heat lasts, I will get as much fresh air as possible… even on those rainy days. Rainy day walks are among my favorite. But nothing beats a cool, breezy Autumn day walk. :yes: Looking forward to those already, and Summer isn’t even officially here.

Still doing Calisthenics, but not as often as before. I do it once or twice a week now, if I don’t feel like walking. Walking has defintely taken precedence recently, but I will probably do calisthenics more often when it gets really hot this summer.

I will post again when I change my exercise routine for the Summer.