Summer exercise update

Since the temperatures in my neck of the woods have skyrocketed, coupled with all the storms, I have been doing indoor exercises only. Calisthenics and abdominal exercises mostly, with a bit of indoor walking thrown in.

I have changed up my Calisthenics and abdominal routine somewhat. I don’t have as much time on my hands now, due to positive personal and professional influences, so I have chosen to get the biggest exercise bang for the time I do have. I have discarded any moves that were simply less effective imitations of better exercises.

I focus on form more than the number of reps or sets, so that I get the full benefit of the exercise.  on the floor, I am still doing heel touches, butterfly crunches, bridge butt lifts and bicycles. My standing exercises have changed very little, except that I do fewer reps of most, and my squats and toe raises are done much slower.

For those who have no idea what heel touches are, here is a video demonstrating the exercise:

My Calisthenics workout lasts 22 to 26 minutes a day, depending on whether or not I throw in extra sets of certain exercises.
I am sure I will change things up again soon, when I do, I will post again.