Adding extra reps to my exercise routine for the Holidays

I added extra reps today not just for the holidays, but for the sake of getting more bang out of my exercise time. I feel more energized and slightly “high” after exercising these days, but I had stopped feeling as tight and toned as I did weeks before. This has always been my cue to kick it up a notch.

I felt a burning throughout (both) the standing and floor exercises that I have not felt in weeks.:D Feels good to know you’re making your body better, stronger, tighter.  I was planning to only increase the reps of my standing exercises, but changed my mind in the moment.

Here are the exercises:

Side leg lifts
Forward knee lifts
Straight front leg lifts
Toe raises

*Added 5 reps to each set.

Heel toe touches
Butterfly crunches
Bridge butt lifts

*Doubled the number of reps per set


*Added 10 reps per set

Side twists

*Doubled the number of reps per set.

Wall push-outs

*Added 10 reps

Heel to buttocks kicks

*Doubled the number of reps per set.

Arm circles

*Doubled the number of reps per sets, backward and forward.

Also, despite the cold, I intend to do more outdoor walking until there’s ice on the ground. I intend to shake things up with some and old and new exercises this Winter. Will keep you up to date. :yes:

In case I don’t write again till after the holidays — which is quite probable, Have a happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!