A Warning About Taking Long Walks Outside

Just the other day, I took a long walk with a friend. We had a specific goal in mind — 40 minutes to our destination and another 40 minutes back. We reached the goal together, but my friend was unable to walk back to my house because she was exhausted. So, we had to take the bus back to my home.

My new rule is, no matter what a friend says, do not take them on a long walk unless they can get to the destination point without huffing and puffing. I should have known she wouldn’t be able to make it there and back when she started breathing hard 1/2 way there. :no:

You should never push too hard in an environment where you can’t simply stop and rest. She would like to walk to with me again “soon”, and I am all for it, but next time we take a shorter walk in an area where we can stop and rest. Ironically, this will most likely be a place that we’ll have to drive to.;D