Amended My Exercise Routine Again

After realizing that doing twice as many of some of the floor exercises was putting a strain on my neck, I decided to lower the count and add a new exercise into the mix. The Rollup. Great for the abs. Here’s a video demonstration of it:

I did 2 sets of 10. It’s more challenging than it looks, but I will build up my endurance and increase the number of reps soon enough. I also divided my side twists into 2 sets of 20, performed after the floor exercises and then another 2 sets of 20 after the final standing exercises. I am searching for another good floor exercise that is small room friendly and worth the effort, as far as results go.

I’m seriously considering the lying lower-leg lift (That’s not the proper name, I think, but a pretty good description). I haven’t done those in years, but they are great for the inner- and outer-thighs. In any case,  I will start at 2 sets of 10. It’s always best to build up reps slowly.

I’ll let you know what I decide when I decide on a final Calisthenics and Abdominals routine. And if I can find a video of the new exercise, it will be included.


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