The Heat Is Making Exercise Dangerous

Over the past 2 weeks the temperature has soared upwards of 100° F. This has made exercise a difficult and dangerous task. I have stopped doing strenuous exercise on days where the temperature exceeds 90° F., because I had a little scare last week. I fainted while exercising.

I promised my  husband that I would not exercise at all on days that hot. I should probably mention that our bedroom AC has been on the fritz lately. Switching  back and forth from cool to fan, as if it’s stuck on the energy save setting. A repairman came yesterday. He believed that the AC box in the window was the cause. The box is completely closed, except for a barred (vent) back, so there is not enough air circulation to keep the heat from building up and shutting off the compressor.

After he left, I removed the tape from one side of the AC box and pushed back the AC’s side, so that the hot air could be vented into the room. It’s hot on that side of the AC unit, but livable, because now the AC stays on cool and makes up for the hot air. It’s been less than one day, and the AC has not switched back to fan yet. I hope it stays this way. *fingers crossed* I can only hope that venting the heat will continue to work when the temperature exceeds 100° F again.

In the meantime, I will take advantage of the heat relief to get back to my usual exercise schedule.