Side Leg Lifts – Their Way, My Way

One of the things I love about YouTube is the vast collection of exercise videos. I like being able to find new exercises to add into the mix. Today, I found two videos on Side leg lifts, which I am already doing, but these videos did not show the exercise being done as I do them.

Example one:

In this video, the exercise is done by lifting the leg only slightly. But nothing is being used for balance. Considering how low the leg is lifted, none is actually needed.

Example two:

In this video, a chair is used to balance and the leg is lifted a bit more than in the first, but no very high at all.

My standing side leg lifts demand self-balance; no chair, no wall, NOTHING. I instead use my core muscles to help keep my balance and prevent me from falling over. I stand on a yoga mat, to prevent sliding. And I lift my leg up to hip height, then lower at the same speed. This requires me to lean to the other side when I do each rep. At this point, I am doing 2 sets of 30. Not only is it great for the thighs, but the core muscles and balance, as well.

If you are getting limited results from the wimpy versions demonstrated in these videos, try my version and tell me what you think. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Side Leg Lifts – Their Way, My Way

  1. Your side lifts are HARD! I nearly fell over four times and was only able to 10 on each leg. What do you do with your hands if you can’t hold onto anything?

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