Workout Update… Lower Time

I shaved two minutes from my Calisthenics and Abs routine today. Very happy about that, especially since I seemed to be moving at the same pace. 🙂

Still looking for new exercises to add to my routine for Autumn, but also considering leaving things as is until they are no longer effective and adding a separate workout on between days – which I would then alternate with my Yoga workout. The between Calisthenics workout will probably include the use of hand weights, but no abdominal exercises. Haven’t used dumbbells in nearly two years, so it will be challenging to get back into it. Hoping it will help my arm problem. I injured my elbow joint a few weeks ago, lifting a full family sized Brita water pitcher out of the fridge, and still having difficulties. That, and my birthday on Friday, are sure making me feel old. 😆

I will ponder my options a while longer and post about it when I am sure.


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