Green Tea for Fitness?


This time it's green tea.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today, after logging the day’s workout into my spreadsheet exercise journal, I realized that when I drink green tea my exercise time remains a consistent 43 minutes, but when I skip my cuppa it climbs up to 46 minutes. I refer to the Calisthenics & Abs routine only, because the sets and reps are consistent. When I walk or do yoga there is no such consistency.


There have only been a few times this month when I did not have time to drink Green tea, or did not have Green Tea on hand, before working out. Those are the days I needed more time to complete the routine. In addition, and this is very important from a performance standpoint, I found many of the exercises extra difficult when I did not drink Green Tea. For example, my balance was not as good when I did side leg lifts. Overall, my muscles seemed to have to work harder to do the same moves. I was also more fatigued when I finished my workout.


From now on, I will make sure that there is always Green Tea in the apartment. Which won’t be easy, since I am not the only one in my family who drinks it, nor the only one who’s trying to stay in shape.