Setting a new goal for September

I Exercised for more than 12 hours last month! I checked my exercise journal after today’s workout, and it appears that I exercised a total of 722 minutes in August. I hope that I can top that in September.

My goal is 800 minutes. And I want them to be quality minutes. I will only add them up on the first of October, or the last day of September, so that I am not overly conscious of how much time I spend working out.

This will be my first new goal in months. I am planning to add in some new exercises this Autumn, and Autumn begins this month. Still have not decided what the new exercises will be, but I am sure hand weights will be involved. Will probably work on that this coming week, or next weekend. No time this weekend. Will post the new workout as soon as I have created it and done it at least once, so that I am sure that it’s good.


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