Update & Goal Delay

Over the past few weeks, I have increased the number of Butterfly Crunches to 150 reps and the number of Rollups to 30 reps.

I do not know if I met my September exercise goal, because my main computer – the desktop – is down and I am using a new laptop. Until the desktop is back up and running I will continue plugging along, but will not stress myself about keeping track of my exercise time; the computer issue is stressful enough. I have been staying on schedule, for the most part.

During the first week my computer went down I was very preoccupied with it’s repair. I exercised less often and didn’t even think to log my exercises. Now that I know what the problem is and how to proceed in correcting it, I feel much more relaxed. But I still feel unorganized without my desktop, and I am still not logging my exercises. I don’t want to have two exercise spread sheets on two computers.

Oh, well. I’m planning to upgrade to a better, faster CPU, just haven’t decided which one yet. It won’t be an AMD processor, that’s for sure! My new laptop has an AMD Vision and it is noticeably slower than the old, no-longer-manufactured Intel chip in my desktop, which is kinda bizarre.

I will post again as soon as something noteworthy changes in my routine.