Update and Discovery

I have been consistent with my exercises, and even discovered resistance bands. Never used them before last week, when I received one as a free gift when I renewed my subscription to Fitness. They are a really great way to build strength and burn fat. The only downside is I feel really hungry after I finish my workout, and the workout that I have come up with so far is only 21 minutes long, including stretching.

 21 minutes must be enough, because I always feel a little achy when I complete my routine. I feel more worn out after my usual calisthenics and abs routine, but not achy. Not in months. I am still looking for new moves and planning to add reps as soon as what I am doing now no longer yields progress.

 For the record, I do the resistance workout between my calisthenics and abs workout days. I will update with specific exercises, etcetera,when I have a set routine that I feel will take me into Winter. I’m hoping for 30 minutes worth of resistance exercises. If you have any suggestions, leave them below.