Bought New Resistance Bands

Today, after my last class, I went directly to Walmart and bought a set of 3 resistance bands. Gold’s Gym, I think. My introduction band, the one Fitness magazine sent me as a free gift, seems to be wearing out. Or, maybe, I’m just becoming too strong for it to do me any good?

The easiest band in my new set is the purple one. The blue is the next difficult and the red is truly hard. I was surprised to discover that the purple band is waaay harder than my freebie band. The freebie band has to be folded in half to be as challenging as the purple band. I guess you get what you pay for.

I am excited to try my ever increasing list of exercises with these new bands. And I intend to post my exercise routine for the resistance bands sometime in the next week or two. I am hoping to have at least enough moves for a 30-minute workout, without having to repeat any of the moves. Also look for my new playlist, which I will post once have nailed down a set resistance routine.

Have a great weekend!


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