Fitness Achievements of 2012

fitness-timeI have been tracking my exercise times for years now. Not all my workouts, just the ones that can be accurately timed given the type: Calisthenics & Abs, Resistance Band Workout and Walking. I do not time myself when I do yoga. I have exercised a lot more in 2012 than I did in 2011. 1,980 minutes more to be exact. I could have done better, but I had a lot going on this year. Now that I’ve officially settled down, I believe I can beat my 2012 exercise time.

By the way, my total time for 2012 was 4,274 minutes. That averages out to 11.7 minutes per day (365 days in a year), and keep in mind that yoga is not being counted into that figure.

Also, I ran a little fitness experiment in 2012, starting just before Thanksgiving and ending just last week. When I get time this weekend, I will explain the experiment and what I discovered.

Stay tuned!