My Exercise Experiment & What I learned

exercise matFor four weeks, I only did the Resistance Band Workout. I did it at least every other day during the four week period. Then I went back to the Calisthenics & Abs Workout. And it was a killer for a while there. I could hardly get through it the first two times I did it after doing only Resistance Band Workout for such a long time (relatively). I was noticeably weaker, even though when I did both workouts I felt that I was gaining strength. I should probably mention that I stopped doing yoga and walking during this time and I have not started either of those activities again yet, but I plan to tomorrow.

It took me nearly three weeks to get back to the same strength and balance level I was at before I started the experiment. The experiment ended only a week or so ago, and right now I feel stronger than before the experiment started. Not sure what to make of that.

Also, today, I surpassed my workout time for the Calisthenic & Abs Workout – dropping the time by three whole minutes! It was surprisingly easy for me, and I could go through each set of exercises pretty fast without even getting winded. And there was no muscle or joint pain afterwards. Even now, several hours later, I am feeling no discomfort. Usually, when I have after workout discomfort it starts in the evening before bed, if not right after the workout.

BUT… and this is a big but for me, I did experience a slight tightness in my chest near the end of my workout. I rested for half a minute and continued to the end at a more subdued pace. When I finished, I drank at least 12 oz. of water and rested and the tightness went away, but it still concerns me that I had that experience. I have a congenital heart condition, so any unusual activity regarding my heart is worthy of note.

Anyway, I have decided that in the future, no matter how strong and energetic I feel, I will take it easy and not get carried away with pace. I should probably be more concerned about form anyway. Which reminds me, I have increased the incline of my wall push-outs, and at this point they are easier than they were previously. My arms are definitely stronger right now, and the injury to my left elbow joint has improved a LOT. 🙂

I think I can safely say that the Resistance Band Workout helped my elbow problem a lot. Also, I believe that the break from the Calisthenic & Abs routine made me stronger and improved my endurance greatly. I have no Idea why. If you do let me know.

I believe at this point that I am better off doing the Calisthenic & Abs workout, but that an occasional break from it – once or twice a year – may be helpful as far as boosting my strength and stamina. I feel pretty great right now, like I could hike the Appalachians.

I am considering combining the Calisthenic & Abs Workout with the Resistance Band Workout, but have not decided yet. If I do, it will probably be an addition to the entire Calisthenic & Abs routine, as that makes me feel the way a workout should make you feel, and I’m still excited to do it after all this time.

When I make a change or have something new to say about my fitness routine I will post again.


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