New Fitness Regimen

I didn’t want to blog about my new fitness regimen until I’d been at it for at least one month. It’s been a month, give or take a few days. And here it is:

womenwalking_1Currently, I walk everyday (almost). How much time I spend walking depends on my increasingly busy schedule, but I always do a minimum of 30 minutes no matter what else needs to done that day. I have completely stopped doing the Calisthenics & Abs routine, for now. It’s just another break, because I became too used to the routine again and stopped feeling that I was making further progress.

This week, I will be bringing back the exercise bands. And I’m also considering re-introducing dumbbells into the equation. I have been researching new exercise moves and planning to create a new calisthenics routine for this Summer, and then I will go back to the old routine this Autumn and see if I feel a difference between the two routines.

I hope changing up my routine this way will make me stronger and fitter in the end. I know, from experience, that when I stop using the tried and true Calisthenics & Abs routine I become significantly weaker, no matter what else I do in its stead. But I think it’s very important to challenge my muscles, by giving them periodic breaks, so that I get better and better results when I go back to the Calisthenics & Abs routine. So, far it has worked. But I’ll be absolutely certain when I return to the tried and true this Autumn, after having tested a new Calisthenic & Abs routine with completely different moves. Who knows, I may even decide to integrate the two routines, taking time into consideration.

I’ll also be posting my walking playlist soon. I recently began using the new indoor track installed at my apartment complex, and decided that it was safe enough to listen to my mp3 player while I walk there. (One of the benefits of living in a building with great security.) I NEVER listen to music when I walk outdoors – and don’t recommend it to others, especially women – because I don’t want to be distracted, for obvious reasons.

I’ll update on my fitness routine in a few weeks, after I’m certain that the bands and (maybe) dumbbells are going to be part of my regular fitness rotation. And be on the look out for my Walking Playlist. I should have that up quite soon. 🙂