My Half-Assed Resistance Workout

Resistance BandsIf you read my previous post – the post before the last post, you already know that I have returned to using resistance bands. I’m still using the weakest one, from before. I think it best to create a FULL resistance workout before changing to the medium resistance band. Which may be soon.

Note: The bands depicted in the image to the left, are not the type I use. In fact, I have a deep fear of using the multi-piece kind (the kind with handles attached), because if they come apart while in use, you can be severely injured. That could also happen if you let go of the one piece variety, BUT I totally trust myself to hang on to the ends of the one piece variety. I would have no control over whether the handle came apart from the multi-piece kind. 

Below are the resistance band moves I have been doing thus far (some names are merely descriptions, because I don’t know the proper name for the move):

“Y” to “T” Pull – I stand with legs hip length apart, my arms above my head, the band wrapped around each of my hands so that it is taut and my arms and body form the letter Y. Then I pull until the form the letter T.

Chest Presses / Extensions – Since it’s easier to show than to tell. See the video below, and keep in mind that the middle of the band was directly against my back (tube bands are used in video).

Cross Chest Extensions – Same as above, except arms cross over each other as they are extended outward.

Resistance Arm Lifts – Middle of band under feet, holding both ends with each hand, bend arms upward as if doing a dumbbell curl.

Resistance Squats – Middle of band under feet, feet hip length apart, bands tightly grasped on both sides, squat down and lift up.

Standing Leg Presses – I have a video that demonstrates the move, however, I do mine while standing. But the principle remains the same.

That’s all of them. Only six moves. Which is why I call it my “half-assed resistance workout”. For each, I do 2 sets of 15 and I repeat the list. I do them before I go for my walk, which is why I only do standing movements. I intend to add more movements, as I find them. But for now, these suffice. My upper arms are definitely stronger with the bands (after a short time) than they were with months of the Calisthenics & Abs Workout alone. My upper arm barely jiggles anymore.

I will update this list as I progress and add more sets, repetitions and movements. Also, I will be posting my second Walking Playlist for you. It’s become a favorite, as it has a lot of fast-paced, fun music. So, look for that to be posted soon.