May 2013 Goal Reached!! New Goal Set

I reached my goal of 900 minutes and exceeded it! 🙂 950 minutes total walking time for the month of May. Despite my schedule and work load I intend to find a way of getting in even more exercise in June.

Also, I switched to the medium resistance band, and it has been somewhat hard, but not extremely so. I am definitely getting stronger and the moves that I am using are very firming. However, I am still looking for new moves that are doable with the type of bands I have and don’t require Herculean strength.

My new goal for June is 1000 minutes of Walking. That averages out to about 33 minutes a day. I know I won’t be able to do it every day, but I can walk an hour when possible and 30 minutes minimum the rest of the time, to reach my new goal.

When I update my fitness routine(s) I will post again.


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