Half-Assed No More! Resistance Band Update

My resistance band routine has been kicked up a notch. I doubled the repetitions (from 15 to 30) and since I am using the medium resistance band, I am getting some serious results! I’m considering increasing the number of sets to 3 by the end of this week, but haven’t decided yet.

In addition, I decided last week to break my exercise routine in half. Doing 30+ minutes of walking earlier in the day (now that classes are over till fall) and doing another 30+ minutes in the early evening. I add to each walking session either the broomstick workout or the resistance workout. I usually do both every day. So far, so good. I feel tighter already, and it’s only been one week. 🙂 Also, the muscle soreness in my abdominals and side muscles (forget what they’re called now) has gone away. I think I may need to increase the number of sets of the broomstick workout as well. Haven’t decided when. Maybe next week.

Will post again when I update my routine.


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