Switched Up Old Calisthenics & Abs Workout

I had planned to create an entirely new calisthenic routine and slowly build on it, but then I realized that it may make me weaker, so I did the old routine just to see if I could after a seven month hiatus ( I nearly died first time around), and decided to give it a few tweaks instead. So far, I have eliminated the two exercises I have always felt were not a very efficient use of my exercise time: Seated knee lifts and toe raises. I have changed the squats into DEEP squats, that require me to touch the floor. I do 3 sets of 20 for now. They are very hard to get through, but I feel their effect.

It’s strange how much easier the workout was the second time I did it. The first time I must have lost at least 2 liters of fluids in sweat, my clothes were completely soaked! The second time was challenging, but I didn’t sweat nearly as much, nor did I require a full hour of rest to function again. Still, I feel like I need more or better lower abdominal exercises, and I will be adding those as soon as I have grown more accustomed to doing the tweaked workout. It’s been less than a week, btw. I am considering three moves from this video:

The horizontal and vertical scissors and the reverse crunches. When I add them into the mix I will post again with my entire Calisthenics & Abs workout. Hopefully, by the end of the first week of October. 🙂