I’m Finally Doing It ALL! Updated Updated Workout

Last week, I changed the order of the floor exercises somewhat, putting vertical and horizontal scissors at the start, followed by reverse crunches and then the rest, and I have been able to consistently get through the entire routine! I could not do the scissors at all when I put them last. I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Do the hard stuff first!  I’m pleased that I can now do my entire routine without struggle. It’s still challenging, more challenging than before, but doable.

So, here’s the entire workout, in its proper order:

Standing exercises:

Stretching – 5 mins

Twists – 50 (each side)

Side leg lifts – 2 sets of 30 reps, per leg (Lifting leg to hip height and back down to starting position, using only core muscles for balance)
Knee lifts – 3 sets of 30, per leg (lift to hip height)
Forward leg lifts – 2 sets of 30, per leg (lift to hip height)
*Deep squats – 3 sets of 20 (Start with legs hip length apart, shoulders back, and squat until the fingers tips of both hands can touch the floor)

Twists – 50 (each side) *Reverse crunch – 2 sets of 10 (or, as I mentioned above, all 20 at once)

Floor exercises:

*Vertical scissors – 2 sets of 10

*horizontal scissors – 2 sets of 10

*Reverse crunch – 2 sets of 10 (or, as I mentioned above, all 20 at once)

Heel touches – 2 sets of 30
Butterfly crunches – 150
Roll-ups – 30
Bridge butt lifts – 2 sets of 30 reps
Leg circles – 2 sets of 30, per leg (at this point, I am saving myself the time it takes to repeatedly change sides and simply doing all 60 at once)

Standing exercises:
Twists – 50 (each side)

*Knee to opposite elbow lifts – 50 (each leg)
Wall push-outs – 50 (usually at a 45 degree angle)
Heel to buttocks back kicks – 50 (each leg)
Arm circles – 50 forward, 50 back

Twists – 50 (each side)


*These are all new or altered exercises

I hope to add more new exercises in the not so distant future. But in the meantime, I hope to see a stronger, more toned, lower abs section. I have always had difficulty with strengthening my lower abs. No idea why.

If you want to see how to correctly perform the new floor exercises, watch Davey Wavey’s video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjbFwtYXN80

I have also created a new workout sound track to go with this routine. After using the same music for so long, it’s taken time to get use to the new music and how it syncs up with the movements, but I like it. I will post that next.