November Goal Reached and Exceeded!

goalAs of today, I have reached an exercise total of 1938 minutes, which is 33 minutes better than October and 138 minutes more than I needed to reach my goal for the month. So, YAY! 🙂

Also, last week I added 5 reps to my weights routine. Some movements are easier than others, so I will wait till the end of the week before increasing reps to 20. Side arm raises are definitely my Achilles heel. If I’ve decided that when I can make it to 50 reps, I will get 8 pound weights. I tried out heavier weighs at a store recently and anything over 5 pounds was a bit much for me, even the 10 pounders. Wimpy! I know, but there’s no point in lying about it. I’ll get there someday, I’m sure.

My resistance routine has become somewhat less exhausting over the past few days. I am definitely getting stronger, and my family and friends have noticed that my arms look a LOT more toned since I switched to the red band. I’m very satisfied with the results that I’m getting, and I believe that I will definitely switch to a resistance tube next year. I just have to figure out how much resistance I can handle.

I am also contemplating an addition to my broomstick workout, in the form of an extra set of 100 reps of both movements. I am still challenged by the 3 sets, but I think I want to challenge myself in the new year. Especially since I won’t be exercising as much in January onward as I have done these last two months. However, I am considering a more challenging goal for 2015. Maybe 15,000 minutes for the year. After all, if I can hit 1900+ these last two months I can certainly hit 1250 every month for one year. I certainly hope so. I tend to lose focus when the weather is warm and regain it when it is cold.

Crossing my fingers that December is as successful as October and November. If so, I will have reached and exceeded my goal, despite the massive slack off during the warm months. Also, by Tuesday, I will have reached 10,000 minutes for the year, so only 1,509 minutes left before I reach my end of year goal of 11,509 minutes. Very excited to reach this year’s fitness goal and set yet another for 2015.

Stay tuned! 😀