Failed to Reach December and Year Goal

failure-successDue to the flu, which is still dragging me a bit, I failed to meet my December and end-of-year goal. It was disheartening, but I’m optimistic about 2015.

My goal for the whole of 2014 was 11,509 minutes, but thanks to my success in October and November (1800+ minutes) I’m quite certain that I can do even better in 2015 – provided illness does not, once again, intervene. I haven’t decided on a 2015 year-end goal, but I think 12,000+ is more than doable, as long as I stay on task throughout the year. When I decide on the exact number I’ll post again.

For the month of December I exercised 1024 minutes, even though I spent more than half the month very ill and unable to workout. My total for the year is 10,983, so, I missed my goal by only 526 minutes, which means that had I not fell ill, I would have not only reached my goal but exceeded it.

I am back to working out regularly, despite the lingering sickness, that is still affecting my ability to take deep breathes. I am not doing as much as before, but I hope to be back up to speed soon. 🙂