Goal achieved!

new-year-eve-imageI did it! I not only hit my fitness goal for 2015 – 14,500 minutes – I surpassed it by 28 minutes! A total of 14,528 minutes. Reaching this year’s goal was a bit grueling and interfered with my personal/family and work life balance, so, going forward, I’m going to be more concerned with what kind of exercises I do, rather than how much time I spend doing them. Which, in the case of some exercises, is irrelevant.

If there’s one thing I have learned this year, it’s that some exercises were not worth the time I put into them. While other exercises – particularly the resistance bands – gave me more strengthening and toning benefits for far less time invested.

I haven’t set a goal for 2016. I have decided what exercises I will concentrate on in 2016, but that’s about all. For now, I want to focus more on staying active and achieving greater balance in my life.

Happy New Year everyone!