Definitely Making Progress

Progress01As I mentioned in my last post, in order to hit my end of year goal, I must exercise for 60 minutes per day, for 90 days  in October, November and December. Luckily, two of these months have 31 days, which gives me extra time to make up for any missed exercise sessions between now and December 31st.

Well, October hasn’t even reached its midpoint and I am already ahead. As of today, I am more than 1 hour ahead. I’m basing this on 60 minutes per day every day. As of today, I have exercise 904 minutes. To remain on track, I only needed 840 minutes of exercise. I plan to remain ahead by abstaining from any unnecessary “exercise vacations”. Every day will be an exercise day, even if I cannot get everything I want to do that day done. Of course, no one can plan for every event, and there’s always Murphy’s Law, but, if I remain focused on my end goal and plan carefully, I feel confident that I can hit 1800 minutes and beyond this month and every month till the new year.

I have yet to create a dumbbell workout routine (yeah, I know, what is my problem?), BUT I rebooted my resistance band routine last week. I am doing the same number of sets and reps and moves, but with the magenta band (the easiest one) . I plan to move on to the blue band I was using earlier this year in a few weeks, maybe sooner. It depends on whether or not I introduce dumbbells into the mix this month.

At this point I walk pretty much every day, do broomstick workout at least 5 days a week, and I’ve done resistance almost every day but Sunday since starting again. I think that I should change things, so that I am only doing two exercises per day. Maybe, walking and resistance one day, Broomstick and walking the next, and dumbbells and walking the day after. I haven’t decided. I don’t mind doing three different exercises per day, so far. Broomstick and resistance don’t take long. They’re both under 20 minutes. But if I add reps or sets it would be a different story, I’m sure. I’m actually thinking of increasing the reps of the resistance routine before switching to harder bands and adding a 4th set of reps to the Broomstick workout as well. If that happens, I may switch my workout days around as I described or something similar.

I’ll write again at the end of this month or beginning of the next. Hopefully, I will have exceeded my 1800 minute October goal by a wide margin. 🙂


New Goal and Autumn Exercise Plan

autumn exerciseFor the past several months, I have kept my exercise routine fairly basic – walking and a few other exercises that it would not be feasible to time, such as yoga. In September, I walked more than 1100 minutes, which is more than the previous two months combined.

I plan to walk just as much in October, but I also want to (finally) add dumbbells into the mix. Because of construction issues, I no longer have a a space to do my Calisthenics & Abs routine, but I am hoping to make up for that lack of space with other exercises, that require less floor room.

My year to date total, not counting October, is more than 6,000 minutes. I could have definitely done better, but there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. I will simply strive to do better in the future. I believe that I can and will hit my year end goal of 11,509 minutes. Only 5393 more minutes to go, and three months to get them in. It will be difficult, but not impossible.

My Autumn exercise goal is to continue walking at least 5 days each week, add back (because I stopped doing) broomstick workout and resistance bands. I also want to begin doing weights. I said I would earlier this year but never got around to it.  I am making the creation of a dumbbell routine a by-November goal. In all, I want to average about one hour of exercise each day for the next three months. If I can pull it off I will have surpassed my goal for 2014.

I will blog again once I have set up a definitive exercise schedule that I can live with, while successfully managing my growing workload. 🙂

Time to get back on the wagon

fall-off-wagonSince February, I have been having trouble keeping to my exercise schedule due to work and school and newfound hobbies, like crocheting. In January I exercised 1313 minutes, but between February and April I exercised a total of 1464 minutes. That’s only 151 minutes more than January. I should have had at least 2000 minutes, but I just didn’t have the time and at times the will.

I’m hoping with classes ending very soon I will be able to get fully back on track and meet my end of year goal.

January Workout Time Better than Expected

JanuaryIf you read my last post about my 2014 exercise time goal, you know that I need to exercise at least 968 minutes per month, every month, to reach my goal. Well, in January I exceeded that goal by exercising 1,313 minutes. If I can keep up this momentum I may exceed my end of year goal by as much as 3,000 minutes. But since my classes didn’t start-up again until 2 weeks ago, that is unlikely. I doubt I will be able to keep my monthly times at 1,300 minutes plus. I’ll keep you apprised of my monthly times. February is the shortest month, so I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t clear 1000 minutes by the 28th.

As far as my actual exercises go, I have done Calisthenics & Abs workout 3 times a week, Walking at least four times a week, Resistance bands twice a week, Broomstick workout twice a week and I have still not gotten around to creating a dumbbell workout. I need to work on that. In fact, I will make that my true goal for the end of February: Create Dumbbell workout.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Fitness Summary for 2013 and Goal for 2014

FitnessgoalQuote003In 2013, I managed to get more than 11,509 minutes of exercise. Keep in mind that I only time exercises that are time-able.

I know I haven’t posted in months, but I have been very busy and preoccupied with big and little issues/dramas here and there over the past few months, but I have exercised regularly (though not as regularly as before) in spite of this. I have succeeded in working my way from 2 sets of 10 horizontal scissors, vertical scissors and reverse crunches to 2 sets of 20. I’ve been doing 20 for at least the past two weeks.  I’m hoping to be able to do 2 sets of 30 by Summer. *fingers crosses*

I also intend to go back to using dumbbells. I was supposed to in 2013, but I never got around to it, because I felt the resistance bands were enough for me. I was wrong. I learned this when I was considering exchanging my butterfly crunches for planks and discovered that I am far too weak in my upper body to do planks. It was a sad and embarrassing discovery. Maybe the dumbbells will get my arms strong enough to do a few planks. Maybe not. I have always been extremely weak in my upper body, o it’s possible that I still won’t be able to do planks, but dumbbells are good for the triceps and delts, so I’m eager to create a routine for dumbbells this year. I’ll post when I do.


My goal for 2014 is to exceed the 11,509 minutes of timed exercises by at least 100 minutes. This may not seem like a lot, but with everything going on in my life right now and expectations for the near future, if I can reach this new goal by December 31, 2014 it will feel like a really big deal to me. I have already greatly exceeded my total exercise time in 2013 over 2012 – where I only exercised for 4,274 minutes,  that’s about 364 minutes per month; compared to 959 minutes per month in 2013.  Nearly 1000 minutes of timed exercises per month. I’m proud of that! Especially in comparison to the year before. That is a dramatic difference!

If any of you have a fitness goal for the new year please share.

Happy New Year! 🙂


Calisthenics & Abs Workout Music

I turned this new list into a music CD and it’s been really energizing. I seem to get through my workout a little faster when I listen to this playlist. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I’m enjoying it. It’s a mix of old favorites and new songs that I’ve fallen in love with. I made the list slightly longer than necessary – just like the old Calisthenics & Abs playlist, because I intend to add more exercises later on and I dislike feeling rushed. Enjoy!

1) Sail – Alwolnation

2) Howlin’ For You – the Black Keys

3) Tightrope – Janelle Monae

4) Get Into Something – The Isley Brothers

5) Extreme Ways – Moby

6) The Rubberman Man – The Spinners

7) Give Your Heart a Break – Demi Lovato

8) Dirty Laundry – Don Henley

9) Carnival – Natalie Merchant

10) Say It Right – Nelly furtado

11) Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars


BTW, you can find all of these songs dirt cheap at

(And no, they didn’t ask me to promote them, but they are my favorite place to buy mp3s. 15 cents each!!)

I’m Finally Doing It ALL! Updated Updated Workout

Last week, I changed the order of the floor exercises somewhat, putting vertical and horizontal scissors at the start, followed by reverse crunches and then the rest, and I have been able to consistently get through the entire routine! I could not do the scissors at all when I put them last. I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Do the hard stuff first!  I’m pleased that I can now do my entire routine without struggle. It’s still challenging, more challenging than before, but doable.

So, here’s the entire workout, in its proper order:

Standing exercises:

Stretching – 5 mins

Twists – 50 (each side)

Side leg lifts – 2 sets of 30 reps, per leg (Lifting leg to hip height and back down to starting position, using only core muscles for balance)
Knee lifts – 3 sets of 30, per leg (lift to hip height)
Forward leg lifts – 2 sets of 30, per leg (lift to hip height)
*Deep squats – 3 sets of 20 (Start with legs hip length apart, shoulders back, and squat until the fingers tips of both hands can touch the floor)

Twists – 50 (each side) *Reverse crunch – 2 sets of 10 (or, as I mentioned above, all 20 at once)

Floor exercises:

*Vertical scissors – 2 sets of 10

*horizontal scissors – 2 sets of 10

*Reverse crunch – 2 sets of 10 (or, as I mentioned above, all 20 at once)

Heel touches – 2 sets of 30
Butterfly crunches – 150
Roll-ups – 30
Bridge butt lifts – 2 sets of 30 reps
Leg circles – 2 sets of 30, per leg (at this point, I am saving myself the time it takes to repeatedly change sides and simply doing all 60 at once)

Standing exercises:
Twists – 50 (each side)

*Knee to opposite elbow lifts – 50 (each leg)
Wall push-outs – 50 (usually at a 45 degree angle)
Heel to buttocks back kicks – 50 (each leg)
Arm circles – 50 forward, 50 back

Twists – 50 (each side)


*These are all new or altered exercises

I hope to add more new exercises in the not so distant future. But in the meantime, I hope to see a stronger, more toned, lower abs section. I have always had difficulty with strengthening my lower abs. No idea why.

If you want to see how to correctly perform the new floor exercises, watch Davey Wavey’s video here:

I have also created a new workout sound track to go with this routine. After using the same music for so long, it’s taken time to get use to the new music and how it syncs up with the movements, but I like it. I will post that next.